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I suck. dick.

So yea. Totally forgot about this blog. So here is my first like real post!

So this first few weeks of school has been the absolute worst. I came back here thinking me and Mike would get back together… isn’t happening. We tried… we fought… he hooked up with another girl… he called me incredible horrible names… i slapped his face… and last night we fought again and decided we are not going to see each other at all this week to figure out what we want. Day 1.. and idk wtf i want. I cannot forgive the things he said to me, but I know he is sorry and he loves me. And it’s not like i have been an angel..I have said some pretty awful things to him too.

Also—taking the hardest math class in existence at my school. fml. and Cryptography is hard for me because its a comp sci class and idk wtf i am doing. 

the super bowl is on right now. i really dont care about it, but im watching it for the commercials and attempting to do homework, so obviously i am procrastinating. 

on a good note—i just had the most amazing slice of apple pie. :D

PS… got a message from Kelsey’s mommy on facebook. We are going to have a movie date when I come back to Worcester next. and it will NOT be that fucking gnome movie.

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